For over half a century we at Willard Farms have striven to produce the best agricultural products. Long-standing members of the Prosser community, we have benefited from a close-knit area and have given back by participating on local boards and clubs. Our involvement has allowed us to lead in the innovation of farming techniques and the expansion of agricultural products.

For almost 35 years we have been a part of the wine grape industry. We have seen the demands of various varieties rise and fall, and understand the dynamics involved in the creation of fine wines. By using our excellent grapes, many winemakers across Washington and Oregon have been satisfied with tastes of their wines.

We have been in the orchard business for over 40 years, and through perseverance and quality products have survived the downturns with our wonderful fruits.

HERE is a complete list of varieties, acreage, and year planted for our current crops.


Looking to meet your

Currently we grow a wide variety of wine and juice grapes. Many of which are available for contracts. Our products also include apples and cherries.

What's new

Willard Farms currently owns 10% of all Lemberger in the State of Washington.

Award-Winning Vineyards

Our farm grows two species of grapes, the vinifera and lubrasca. Vinifera are grape varieties which came from Europe and are used primarily for wine making. The lubrasca type are native to North America and are used in the production of grape juice.

Quality Orchards

We also provide outstanding products in our orchards of apples and cherries. In our apple varieties we own Scarlett Red Delicious. The cherries hold two varieties, Bings and the locally created Rainiers

What shows

The Dome: Almost 20 years in the making, the creation which best exemplifies our unique and innovative style is the dome house we are constructing.